Highlights of Technical Capabilities

Retamco Operating Inc. has a technical team of very experienced oil and gas professionals with complimentary skill sets. With the combination of shale experience in both the United States and internationally, this team has the capability to oversee the evaluation, planning, drilling, exploration and development of the desired area and will be fully available to support the shale project of Retamco’s interest. The core team focused on the Argentina shale project will grow with the project and experts will be added as needed.

Steve Gose who made the initial inquiries regarding the Vaca Muerta shale opportunity has always been quick to adopt cutting edge technologies. For example, his early utilization of air and gas drilling (considered experimental at the time) to his operations in the Arkoma Basin was instrumental in pioneering the growth of the Arkoma Basin which has produced over 15 Tcf of gas and is still producing prolifically. These technologies were essential to the development of the reserves he personally established in the Arkoma Basin.  This experience helped shape his career, as he was an early adapter of various technologies such as fracking, horizontal drilling, under-balanced drilling and fracking horizontal well bores to coax hard to produce oil and gas out of tight formations. He brings his own geological expertise to bear upon every project. Although Steve Gose will serve as Chairman Emeritus of Retama Argentina, he will play an active role as he is enthusiastic about the Vaca Muerta and views the potential shale area as likely one of the primary focuses of Retamco in the coming years.

Tom Gose has managed all corporate operations including property acquisition, geology, engineering, and accounting with sales in excess of $150 million. Primary focus for Tom Gose has been the development of unconventional resources in the DJ Basin, Piceance Basin, Williston Basin, Central Montana and Permian Basin. Tom will be responsible for the high level oversight and management of Retamco’s controlling interest in the Vaca Muerta Shale Project.

Chip Oakes is a versatile oil and gas professional with 34 years of successful industry experience in a wide variety of technical and leadership positions. He is a world-class geologist whose career has demonstrated both an ability to identify and evaluate prospects in unconventional reservoirs, and the business acumen to manage large projects both in the field and in an executive management role. Mr. Oakes has extensive technical and operational experience in horizontal shale plays including the Barnett, Utica, Haynesville, Niobrara, Bowland, and Eagle Ford Shales. He has worked with Endeavour International Corporation, Forest Oil Corporation and Sun E&P / Oryx Energy Company at various U.S. and international office locations. His leadership style emphasizes the creation of a team atmosphere to encourage cooperation and innovative thinking. Mr. Oakes will oversee the exploration activities of Retama Argentina.

Julie Heinrich is a highly motivated and hardworking Reservoir Engineer with extensive acquisition experience. Her broad background working for well known, top notch companies such as Linn Energy, Anadarko/Kerr McGee, Anadarko/Union Pacific Resources, Texaco E&P, to name a few, along with experience in several unconventional/shale basins, add to the skillset of the technical team. She will provide reservoir analysis, economic evaluations, and LOE monitoring and project management skills to the Vaca Muerta Shale project.

Joe Johnson’s extensive drilling and operations background, including over 28 years with Texaco, rounds out the initial technical team. His expertise will guide us during drilling and completion, operations, production, quality control, environment and safety and much more. Because of his many years in the energy industry, his experience and knowledge will be invaluable to the Vaca Muerta Shale project.

Mr. Johnson has supervised field personnel, engineering staff, administrative staff as well as safety and environmental staff in his storied career and was directly responsible for managing operating staffs of up to 125 persons. At Texaco, Mr. Johnson managed capital budgets in excess of $100 million per year for divisions with assets valued at over $200 million. During this time he managed all Rocky Mountain operations and contracting for and drilling over 50 wells per year.

Jen Baranovic is Retamco’s in-house geologist and joined the Retamco team in 2010, where she quickly developed skill as a petroleum geologist. She has been instrumental in the technical evaluation, development, and marketing of our prospects. Jen also collaborates with Steve Gose for geology and facilitates interdepartmental connectivity with Joe Glennon, the VP of Land, Joe Johnson in Operations, and Rhonda Tigner in permitting and logistics to bring Retamco’s prospects to fruition.  She is currently working on mapping the Vaca Muerta Shale project and works closely with Chip Oakes and Luis Stinco. She is an active member of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists and the Montana Geological Society.

Meet the Team

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Steve Gose | President
Phone: (406) 445-2641
Email: stevegose@retamco.com

Tom Gose | Vice President
Phone: (406) 446-1568 x 107
Email: tomgose@retamco.com

Joe Glennon | Vice President, Land
Phone: (406) 446-1568 x 103
Email: joeglennon@retamco.com

Joe Johnson | Drilling & Operations Mgr.
Phone: (406) 446-1568 x 101
Email: joejohnson@retamco.com

Jen Baronovic | Geologist
Phone: (406) 446-1568 x 102
Email: jenbaranovic@retamco.com

Suzie Cormier | Landman
Phone: (406) 446-1568 x 106
Email: scormier@retamco.com

Bonnie Bermes | Office Manager
Phone: (406) 446-1568 x 104
Email: bonniebermes@retamco.com